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Five Reasons to Buy Tires for Sale in Missoula at Denny Menholt University Honda

Posted by Michael Frame on Apr 9, 2019 10:38:41 AM

Tires for Sale Missoula

Is it time for your set of wheels to get, well, a new set of wheels?

As we head into the busy summer travel season, it's more important than ever to ensure your vehicle is equipped with the right tires Missoula.

But safe driving isn't the only reason to invest in new tire. We're giving you five key reasons to buy your next set of tires for sale Missoula from Denny Menholt University Honda. Plus, we’re giving you a test to perform on your vehicle’s tires to tell if you need to make a Honda service appointment, and giving you a checklist of items to inspect in your vehicle this spring!

Top Five Reasons to Buy Missoula Tires at Denny Menholt University Honda

At Denny Menholt University Honda, it’s our job to keep you moving. Here are the top reasons Montana drivers choose to buy tires from our dealership:

  1. We’ll beat anyone’s price with our price match guarantee
  2. We replace tires on all makes and models, not just Hondas
  3. Free flat repair, tire rotation, and road hazard warranty
  4. The right tires for Hondas using computerized alignments
  5. A good selection of warm weather all season tires, and cold weather snow and ice tires

How to Know if You Need New Missoula Tires

Debating whether you actually need new Missoula tires?

According to Kelley Blue Book, tires typically need to be replaced every 25,000 to 50,000 miles, or at least every six years. You might need to replace yours sooner or later than that, depending on where and how you drive your vehicle.

An easy way to check the wear on your tire is with a penny. Place a penny upside down in between the tire tread. If you can see the top of Lincoln's head, the treads are worn and it's time to get new tires.

Other signs that you might need new tires include:

  • You can see three or more tread wear indicators around the tire
  • The tire cord or fabric is showing through the rubber
  • The tire tread or sidewall is cracked, cut, or snagged deep enough to show cord or fabric
  • The tire has a bulge or split
  • The tire has a puncture, cut, or other damage that can’t be repaired correctly


What to Check in Your Vehicle This Spring

Spring service deals at Denny Menholt University Honda

While you’re checking the tread on your tires, you might as well inspect the entire vehicle! Here’s what we recommend checking every spring:

  • Brakes: Brakes are subjective to driving tendencies. Get them checked before warmer months of travel appear!
  • Oil: Routine oil changes are a great way to keep your vehicle healthy.
  • Lights: Have someone test the brightness of your lights and their function. By yourself? Put your hazard lights on and see that all the lights are working properly.
  • Air Conditioning: No one likes a hot, stuffy car ride. Get your A/C checked to ensure you have a cool and comfortable ride.

Here at Denny Menholt University Honda, we believe your vehicle drives your lifestyle. If you’re like us, maintaining your lifestyle is important, which is why we’re here to keep you moving. Schedule your service today!


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