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The Best Five Days to Save on Cars, Trucks, and Used SUVs Missoula

Posted by Gary Kulaski on Dec 26, 2018 11:10:12 AM

Save on Missoula used cars during the last 5 days of the year!

They say you should always save the best for last.

Well whoever "they" are... they're right.

Because the final five days of the year are the best days to buy a used car, truck, or SUV for sale at Denny Menholt University Honda!

So if you've waited all year to find your perfect vehicle, now's the time to pull the trigger!


Why Buy at the End of the Year from Missoula Car Dealerships?

Hondas for Sale in Montana

You're already in the shopping spirit, so why not shop for a used vehicle as well?!

Many Honda dealerships in Montana typically reduce the prices on their current batch of vehicles in order to make room for next year's inventory. That's good news for you!

There's still a lot of winter left in Missoula (sorry!). So if your current vehicle as seen better days, now's the time to take home a reliable vehicle that can handle the Montana winter roads.  

We currently have many like-new used 2017 and 2018 vehicles that are sure to keep up with the harsh Montana winters ahead. 


Get Below Market Pricing on Used SUVs Missoula

We talk about market pricing a lot at our dealership. 

By pricing our used cars for sale in Missoula below market value, not only do we give you the lowest price we can give you, we do so by researching the current selling prices of similar makes and models.

Looking for a fair-priced used SUV for sale in Missoula? Denny Menholt University Honda has plenty!

During the last five days of 2018, shop used Honda, Chevrolet, Jeep, Hyundai, GMC, and more SUVs for sale in Missoula at Denny Menholt University Honda. All priced below market value!

Used SUVs Missoula


Sleigh into Car Savings in 2019

Just like you're getting ready for your New Year's resolutions, we're getting ready for a new year by stocking up on our brand new 2019 Hondas

Our used cars, trucks, and SUVs for sale in Missoula need to go, which makes the final days of 2018 the perfect time to buy!

Search our used vehicle inventory online, and stop by the dealership during the last five days of the year to find your best deal of the year. 

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