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Five Reasons to Buy Tires for Sale in Missoula at Denny Menholt University Honda

Posted by Michael Frame on Apr 9, 2019 10:38:41 AM

Is it time for your set of wheels to get, well, a new set of wheels?

As we head into the busy summer travel season, it's more important than ever to ensure your vehicle is equipped with the right tires Missoula.

But safe driving isn't the only reason to invest in new tire. We're giving you five key reasons to buy your next set of tires for sale Missoula from Denny Menholt University Honda. Plus, we’re giving you a test to perform on your vehicle’s tires to tell if you need to make a Honda service appointment, and giving you a checklist of items to inspect in your vehicle this spring!

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New Service Specials for 2018 at Your Service Center Missoula

Posted by Gary Kulaski on Jan 15, 2018 2:36:52 PM

January — a time for fresh starts.

While you're chipping away at your personal New Year's Resolutions, why not give your vehicle a fresh start as well?

To help keep your vehicle in tip-top shape for 2018, we're offering some new service specials for 2018 here at your service center Missoula. Whether you need an oil change, a new battery, or any other type of auto maintenance, we've got you covered with our fantastic service and unbeatable prices!

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Gift Your Vehicle with a Missoula Winter Auto Service

Posted by Gary Kulaski on Nov 15, 2017 6:48:30 PM

The holiday season is quickly approaching, which means that the season of gift giving is also just around the corner.

Soon you’ll be shopping for the perfect gift for your friends and family, but have you ever thought about giving a gift to your Honda?

Find out why scheduling a Missoula oil change or tire inspection with our can’t-beat service deals at Denny Menholt University Honda could be the best gift you ever give to your vehicle.

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Topics: Auto Maintenance Tips

Dents and Dings: Why You'll Want a Multi-Point Inspection with Your Missoula Oil Change

Posted by Gary Kulaski on Apr 11, 2017 1:33:36 PM

There's no getting around it; winter is tough on your vehicle. After enduring uneven roads covered in snow, below-zero temperatures, and braking on slippery ice, your car needs to be inspected before making the transition into spring. 

It is for this reason that Denny Menholt University Honda is offering a multi-point inspection with your next Missoula oil change. After a long, harsh winter, you need an expert technician to identify any issues created over the past few months.

Below is a list of winter-related damages and problems you should have your vehicle inspected for, as well as our service offering that can save you money on your next oil change.

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Tire Misalignment: Check for Winter Damage During Your Next Missoula Oil Change

Posted by Gary Kulaski on Mar 27, 2017 10:25:22 AM

Machines work best when all of their parts are in sync with each other. 

As some of the more complex machines we use every day, cars are no exception to this rule. You want the belts of your motor to be on track and the wires of your battery to function properly. One mechanism of the vehicle that people overlook, however, is their tire alignment — the part that makes direct contact with the road. 

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Topics: Auto Maintenance Tips

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