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Why Hondas Are One of the Most Reliable Used Car Brands

Posted by Michael Frame on Oct 11, 2018 9:52:23 AM

Classic Old Used Honda Car

When you invest in a quality Missoula used car, you're saving money. 

That's because brand new vehicles have high price tags and can depreciate in value after you drive off the lot.

Then again, if you're buying a used vehicle that comes with hidden baggage (faulty mechanics, unseen damages, etc.) you're not really making a smart buying decision, are you?

Here at your local Montana Honda dealer, reliability is key. Join us as we get into the reliability of used Honda SUVs and cars in Missoula.

Reliable & Dependable Used Honda Vehicles

One big benefit of shopping used is having a wide variety of makes, models, and body styles to consider and choose from.

Car shoppers researching the market today rely on car ratings and resources to ensure they're making the best possible purchase decision.

In fact, in this Consumer Report on the best used cars available, several used Honda models received praise on reliability, fuel efficiency, comfortability, and more. And, Kelley Blue Book describes used Hondas as having the primary goal of continuing to provide "value and reliability"

It's clear that Honda is renowned for making cars, SUVs, and trucks last a long time, while revamping features to meet the needs of practical consumers who are budget conscious. 

Denny Menholt University Honda Brand Promise to You

You want to buy a used vehicle from someone you know and trust.

As your local used car dealer in Missoula, our brand promise is as follows: Making the car-buying process as easy and affordable as possible.

We strive to get you the lowest price available on a used vehicle. Our friendly staff will work with you every step of the way as you try to find that perfect vehicle. We use tracking software to look for price listings at other dealerships. In doing so, we set our prices below the market average in order to save you money.

We also offer a standard 3-month, 3,000-mile drivetrain warranty on every one of our Missoula used cars under 100,000 milesWith this warranty, you're left at ease knowing you won't be left empty-handed if something happens to go wrong.


Shop Our Used Honda Car, SUV, & Truck Selection 

Hondas have a longstanding relationship with reliability. Used Hondas also offer excellent fuel economy, and can require little maintenance other than regular oil changes and checkups. 

Denny Menholt University Honda knows the importance of honesty and trust in the car-buying process. We have an excellent reputation and are highly ranked in customer satisfaction and sales. While maintaining excellent customer service, we’re here to help our valued customers find the used Montana car of their dreams.

Explore our wide selection of used Honda SUVs and cars online and come in for a test drive!

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